Saving Attenuator Shelf Space with a Compact Solution for an Active DAS System

Aug 18, 2023 • 8 min read

A Canadian Tier 1 operator was deploying their active DAS system where they encountered challenges with rack space for attenuators.  To solve this problem, they were looking for a compact-sized attenuator design that could fit as many units as possible per rack shelf.

Radiocomm's existing off-the-shelf attenuator design is already quite compact (6 units in a rackmount shelf); however, to meet the carrier requirement, the Radiocomm design team finalized a new ultra-compact design in under a week. The new design (ATD-PYXXZ) is 5mm higher than the old (AT9-PYXXZ) but has a much smaller width and depth dimension. The new design maintains the same heat dissipation performance which is a major challenge when designing compact-sized low PIM attentuators.

The new design fits up to ten (10) low-PIM attenuators and uses the same shelf space. The customer was extremely happy with the design and even more impressed with our fast turn-around time.

Old Design: Screenshot 2023-08-18 110810.png Screenshot 2023-08-18 110836.png

New Design: Screenshot 2023-08-18 110544.png Screenshot 2023-08-18 110610.png

Product Specifications:

Radiocomm Datasheet_Page_1.png

Radiocomm Datasheet_Page_2.png

About Radiocomm

Acentury Inc. is a technology company that builds software automation and orchestration tools for the wireless communications industry. Our product portfolio supports several industry verticals including mobile network operators, network equipment vendors, cable multi-service operators, aerospace/defense and satellite communication companies, and the hyperscale tech companies.. For over ten years we have designed and deployed solutions, products, and services for Tier 1 carrier operators and internet-scale enterprises across the Americas.

With our Radiocomm product brand, we feature industry-leading extra low PIM (-165dBc) components and cables for 5G wideband outdoor and in-building DAS applications. We have successfully deployed thousands of network components that meet the requirements and scale of several carrier-grade networks. Our fiber optic product portfolio is comprehensive and features highly durable properties for all applications and integrated solutions.   

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