Product Overview

Radiocomm provides a comprehensive selection of RF passive components, RF cables, cryogenic cables, and fiber cables. Our products are used for laboratory and field applications across several industries including telecommunications, network equipment vendors, cable multi-service operators, hi-tech, and quantum computing.

Network Components

Extra-low PIM(-165dBc) passive network components and RF cables, trusted by North American Tier1 operators. Wideband or narrowband, just the way you want it.

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RF Jumper Cables

Low PIM coaxial cables and phase stable RF jumper cables with high durability and flexibility for cellular indoor/outdoor systems and wireless labs. Open to custom requests.

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Cryogenic Cables

Offering customized cable systems and connector solutions with ultra-low temperature performance for superconducting mobile, quantum and radar communication systems.

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Fiber Cable Systems

High-performance fiber cables offer competitive pricing and quick delivery times. Features various types including ribbon, self-supporting bow-type, and submarine cables, with options like G.654 low-loss fiber and G.657A2 high-bending-resistance fiber.

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Use Cases


Revolutionizing Connectivity: LAMTA Automates RF Signal Control for North American WISPs

Using a Diplexer Design to Meet the CBRS Band Requirements for In-Building DAS

Enabling Connectivity in Toronto's TTC Subway with Acentury Radiocomm Components

Saving Attenuator Shelf Space with a Compact Solution for an Active DAS System

Virtualizing Your 5G RF Testing Lab (Top 5 Industry Use Cases)

How We Designed Low PIM RF Diplexer and Attenuators for a 5G Lab (Top 5 Industry Use Cases)

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Customize any of our low PIM components and jumper cables. Enter your specifications and choose from a variety of connectors and modification options.

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