Enabling Connectivity in Toronto's TTC Subway with Acentury Radiocomm Components

Oct 11, 2023 • 3 min read


Toronto's subway system is an essential part of the city's transportation network and facilitates the (weekday) daily commute for over 930,000 people. On September 11th, 2023, an exciting announcement was made: All subway riders will have access to cell service, regardless of their mobile carrier, starting October 3rd. The move aims to enhance public safety and overall convenience for subway riders, providing them with connectivity during their journeys.

Supplying high quality RF components
Acentury Inc., a leading provider of RF attenuators and specialized RF components, played a vital role in empowering mobile carriers to enhance their network coverage within the TTC. RF attenuators are essential components that control and manage signal strength, ensuring optimal connectivity within tunnels and stations.

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Accelerated production and delivery time for customer success
Acentury Inc.'s commitment to exceptional customer service was evident in response to the TTC cell service expansion announcement. Acentury’s RF attenuators are used to supply cell service for Canada’s Tier 1 operators and to meet the timeline requirements for one of the carriers, Acentury accelerated the production and delivery in less than four weeks from order. This contributed to the successful implementation in time for the official announcement on October 3rd.

Acentury's role in this project underscores the importance of our customer-centric values, and demonstrates how our partnerships with Tier 1 operators are highly valued to meet critical timelines for their customers.

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