How We Designed Low PIM RF Diplexer and Attenuators for a 5G Lab (Top 5 Industry Use Cases)

Sep 9, 2021

Acentury is excited to present the second of the Top 5 Industry Use Cases: Designing Custom Multi-Band Network Components.

In this video clip we review two examples where we designed multi-band components from the virtual seminar: 1) Designing low-PIM diplexers and attentuators for a 5G lab in a Tier 1 US carrier 2) Designing a custom-designed hexplexer that combines all 3G/4G/5G sub-6 GHz bands.

Other top industry use cases are featured in our virtual seminar. These include how we delivered 600km of FTTH fiber cable with a 10-12wk lead time, and a VHF cavity combiner for public safety where we reduced the original design to 1/8th size. See the full seminar here:

About Acentury
Acentury Inc. was founded in 2011 specializing in test and measurement solutions for mobile network operators. In 2013, Acentury launched their first line of passive network components with the product brand Radiocomm and has since deployed thousands of components that meet the requirements and scale of several carrier-grade networks. Today, Acentury continues to launch innovative RF products and solutions for mobile network operators, cable MSOs, network equipment manufacturers, chipset manufacturers, and internet-scale tech companies.

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