Revolutionizing Connectivity: LAMTA Automates RF Signal Control for North American WISPs

Apr 11, 2024 • 8 min read

Acentury is pleased to announce the first LAMTA deployment with a North American Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). As a fixed wireless internet service provider, this client is a key contributor to Canada’s Connectivity Strategy, which is a plan to connect 95% of Canadians to high-speed internet by 2026, and 100% by 2030. The strategy aims to provide universal broadband access, improve mobile wireless coverage, and support innovation and digital adoption.

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Figure 1: Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) help provide broadband access using 4G and 5G infrastructure to deliver service in under-served areas.

This client uses a combination of satellite and terrestrial 4G and 5G technology to deliver service in areas under-served by traditional wired internet providers. Our client has deployed a variety of equipment from different vendors in their network and they have several different CPE models that are used across their footprint. To ensure they provide quality service to their customers, they conduct extensive functionality and performance testing in their lab.

Part of this testing includes simulating the radio conditions that are experienced in the field. For example, environmental conditions can cause a signal fade resulting in loss of service for a subscriber. Our client needs to test how well their CPE equipment re-acquires the correct network signal when conditions improve. Until now, this system reselection testing has been done manually. Using the LAMTA solution from Acentury, it can be automated and accelerated.

Automating RF Signal Distribution and Attenuation Control with LAMTA

LAMTA controls RF signal distribution and attenuation control using software control and orchestration. Users can easily replicate the changing RF signal levels that can cause outages using a series of GUI interface. LAMTA can also be used to easily share expensive RF resources (like 4G/5G radios) among multiple test stations.

LAMTA Arch Diagram 2024.png Figure 2: LAMTA users can easily control signal distribution and control attenuation using a software orchestration solution. Commands can also be received from a remote location and lab technicians don’t have to be on site to reconfigure the RF lab between tests.

This allows testing of multiple CPE models simultaneously and saves time reconfiguring the RF lab between tests. It ensures that all testing is repeatable and of the highest quality.

“LAMTA can been a great addition to our lab toolset. It saves us time and allows us to focus on higher-value tasks”– Senior Manager, Technology Development

“As a fixed wireless internet provider, our client is focused on delivering the highest possible quality of service, and we’re delighted they chose LAMTA to help them do it” – David Woodcock, VP of Product Strategy

LAMTA scales to fit your needs

Some RF testing needs are quite modest, while others require significant resources. LAMTA can fit any RF lab needs, from controlling a variable attenuator on a single desk to managing a complex lab spanning multiple locations. To learn more about our LAMTA product, click here.

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