Using a Diplexer Design to Meet the CBRS Band Requirements for In-Building DAS

Mar 25, 2024 • 8 min read

In the world of telecommunications, innovation frequently emerges from necessity. A Tier 1 mobile operator faced challenges while attempting to integrate new CBRS bands/blocks into their in-building DAS systems. With ownership of diverse CBRS blocks across various regions, securing a universal solution for signal integration became a problem.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 095817.png

The variability of spectrum ownership across different regions and cities meant that a one-size-fits-all approach was impractical. Initially, our tier 1 customer sought a universal wideband combiner to address these challenges. However, they soon discovered that the insertion loss of such a solution was prohibitively high.

The Acentury Radiocomm Solution

In response to this urgent need, the Acentury Radiocomm team embarked on a mission to design a diplexer that would seamlessly integrate the existing infrastructure. The result? A cutting-edge solution delivered in record time, earning immediate approval from the customer.

Leveraging our expertise and understanding of CBRS blocks, the Acentury engineering team proposed a custom CBRS diplexer solution capable of addressing all scenarios nationwide. Not only did this solution eliminate the need for multiple combiners, but it also significantly reduced insertion loss to 0.8dB, all while maintaining an impressively low -165dBc extra low PIM. Screenshot 2024-03-28 130325.png

Perhaps most remarkable was the speed with which this solution was delivered: our team accomplished this project in a fraction of the usual timeframe and delivered results that exceeded customer expectations.

What is a Diplexer?

A diplexer is a passive electronic device used in telecommunications and radio frequency (RF) engineering. It allows two different frequency bands to share the same transmission medium, such as a single coaxial cable or antenna, without interfering with each other. 015.jpg

The main function of a diplexer is to separate incoming signals into two different frequency bands and direct them to their respective outputs, or to combine signals from two different frequency bands into a single output. This separation or combination is achieved using filters that are designed to pass specific frequency ranges while blocking others. Diplexers play a crucial role in efficiently utilizing available transmission resources and managing different frequency bands within communication systems.

Diplexers are commonly used in various applications, including:

  • Telecommunications: In wireless communication systems, diplexers are used to separate or combine signals for different frequency bands, such as separating uplink and downlink signals in cellular networks.
  • Satellite Communications: Diplexers are used in satellite communication systems to separate signals for transmission and reception.
  • RF Testing and Measurement: In RF testing setups, diplexers can be used to separate signals from different frequency sources for analysis or combine signals for transmission.
  • Broadcasting: Diplexers are used in broadcasting systems to combine signals from multiple transmitters onto a single antenna or to separate signals for different broadcasting services.

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