Testing 4G/5G/O-RAN networks in the RF lab with zero-touch automation.

Zero-touch testing to save time, test more and get to market faster.

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Operating an RF Lab is not easy.

Tracing RF Signals

It can take hours to reconfigure signal routing for a new test because existing cabling must be traced to see how it is being used.

Test Config Woes

Every time a test is configured, the RF signal routing environment changes so test results are not reproducible. Patching changes can disrupt other tests in progress.

Excessive labour

Connection and disconnection cycles introduce excessive wear and tear on RF connectors causing signal degradation and leakage. Expensive cables will need to be replaced often.

LAMTA can help

LAMTA is an orchestration platform that uses zero-touch automation to enable rapid testing and lab management for next-gen wireless networks. By automating tedious manual processes like set-up and tear-down, users can run more sophisticated testing, optimize lab resource usage, increase confidence in test results, and reduce time-to-market.


Every LAMTA system includes the following standard features that address the common challenges faced by RF labs.

RF Signal Distribution and Attenuation Control

Connect all cables once, and control signal destinations and levels through a simple web-based GUI.

Suitable for 3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi testing

Use for any wireless testing independent of air interface and frequency band.

Graphical dashboard view of RF connections

Cable management is easier with a visual representation of how equipment is connected in the lab.

Multi-vendor attenuator support

Connect and manage RF switches, matrices and attenuators from a variety of supported vendors.

Remote testing access

Setup and execute tests from anywhere over a secure browser session.

Resource reservation and assignment

Effectively share lab resources among multiple testers to avoid test interruptions.

Optional Features

The LAMTA platform offers several advanced options to enhance lab operations.

UE Control

Control and watch handover/roaming processes in Android UEs via screen mirroring using LAMTA.

RF Monitoring

Scan for and identify sources of RF interference before they impact test results.

Advanced Mobility

Automate and repeat complex Handover and Roaming tests with MIMO and Carrier Aggregation.

High Availability Server

Redundant platform server for system uptime assurance when testing is critical.


Set up tests in minutes with no manual patching

Eliminate variable attenuators at each individual test station

Efficiently share limited and expensive test resources

Enable “lights out lab” – testing from anywhere

Software controlled handover and roaming tests including MIMO and Carrier Aggregation

Repeat tests hundreds or thousands of times as needed (*)

(*) with Advanced Mobility feature

System Architecture

LAMTA is a scalable solution that enables users to test wireless network functionality and performance by automatically configuring and controlling various network elements (RF signal routing and attenuation, UE and RAN). LAMTA can also be used to set up and automate advanced mobility scenarios such as  handover and roaming for multiple frequency bands, RATs, MIMO and Carrier Aggregation and site configurations, including MIMO and Carrier Aggregation.

LAMTA Products

RF Test Position

A self-contained orchestration solution to help reduce equipment space and cost, improve test efficiency, and enable more sophisticated test case scenarios such as MIMO and Carrier Aggregation.

RF Test System

An orchestration system for a small-mid sized RF lab supporting up to (8) eight RF inputs and (8) eight RF test stations.

LAMTA RF Monitor

Introducing a cost-effective way to monitor the RF environment in the lab or in the field. LAMTA RF Monitor provides the capability to directly scan the RF environment and quickly see the results using LAMTA software.

Product Resources

Customer Case Study

Read how a Tier 1 mobile network operator used software control to manage RF signal distribution and attenuation control.

Application Note

Examining How a Mirror Lab Can Replicate and Test Production 4G and 5G Networks Simultaneously. Click to read more.

LAMTA Product Video

View the LAMTA product video to review all the features and capabilities.

RF Test Position Brochure

View and download brochure information about the LAMTA RF Test Position solution

RF Monitor Brochure

View and download brochure information about the RF Monitor.

RF Signal Distribution & Attenuation Control

View and download brochure information about the RF Signal Distribution & Attenuation Control.

UE Control Brochure

View and download brochure information about UE Control.

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