Fiber Cable Systems

Radiocomm offers a wide range of fiber cable solutions using G.652D, G.654, or G.657 fiber to meet the telecommunications industry requirements. Radiocomm also offers customized solutions with fast quote and delivery lead times that are cost-competitive and tailored to our customer's needs.

Why Radiocomm?

Radiocomm supplies several types of RF Fiber cable solutions and offers several key advantages for customers:

  • Ultra-low loss and large effective area optical fiber
  • Fast turnaround and delivery
  • Full line of products and solutions
  • We stand by our products

Fiber Cable Categories

We offer a wide variety of fiber cables based on your specific application requirements.

Aerial Fiber Cable

Aerial fiber optic cables are usually used for installing outside the pole. It is specially designed to protect against natural or man-made damage/theft.

  • Aerial Self-Support Fiber Cable
  • Total Dry Self-Support Double Jacket Fiber Cable

Airblown Fiber Cable

Compressed air is used to blow lightweight optical fiber cables through tubing, eliminating potential damage to fibers during installation.

  • Central Tube Airblown Fiber Cable
  • Micro duct Airblown Fiber Cable

In-building/Indoor Fiber Cable

  • Single Sheath Dry Core Inter/Intrabuilding Fiber Cable
  • Distribution Multi-Fiber Cable
  • FT6 Rated Indoor Fiber Cable

Toneable Fiber Cable

Recommended for duct installation.

  • Toneable Armored Fiber Cable
  • Toneable Fiber Cable

Submarine Fiber Cable

Recommended for use under rivers, seas, and lakes. Different fiber cables would be used for different depths.

Ribbon Fiber Cable

Constructed as a ribbon of optical fibers formed into a flat strip that helps save space, time, and money.

  • Single Jacket Ribbon Fiber Cable with Armor
  • Central Tube Totally Dry Ribbon Fiber Cable with Armor
  • All Dielectric Single Jacket Ribbon Fiber Cable

Hybrid Cable

The combination of power and fiber cables for hybrid usage especially for cellular/5G applications.

  • 12 AWG Hybrid Cable
  • 14 AWG Hybrid Cable
  • 16 AWG Hybrid Cable

Flat Drop Fiber Cable

Used for last-mile FTTH applications.

  • Non-Toneable Flat Drop Fiber Cable
  • Toneable Flat Drop Fiber Cable
  • Self-support Flat Drop Non-Toneable Ribbon Fiber Cable

Speedy Ribbon Fiber Cable

The SR Speedy Ribbon is rolled to form a compact fiber bundle and more fiber ribbons can be filled within the same cable outer diameter. This helps achieve smaller sizes, larger number of cores, and higher fiber densities. 

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Use Cases

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fiber solutions to our customers.

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Acentury is always innovating to help our global partners and clients. Read on to see how we can overcome brutal and freezing conditions to help an Alaskan telecommunication service provider expand and improve their broadband internet service in the Arctic Region. 

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